• Using Naturia+ our cannabinoids and terpenes are more bioavailable in the body, making your supplementation more effective and longer lasting.

    And it's organic, natural and patented!

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    We understand the need to not only create effective products but do so in a way protects the people and planet. 

    Our products are manufactured by our parent company, OP Innovates, by a team of cannabis, hemp and pharmaceutical experts in a cGMP facility that runs on geothermal energy.

  • Hemp Mellow's Sustainable Supply Chain

    Hemp Mellow products are manufactured with sustainability in mind. We know the impact consumer product goods has on our environment, and while we can't solve every issue, we are taking strides to make sure we are protecting our future. To reduce our impact we have taken the following initiatives:

  • 1) 1% for the Planet Giveback Program

    For the areas we know are longer term solutions, we are official members of 1% for the Planet. Through this initiative we are able to give back 1% of our sales to support solutions to the world's most pressing environmental problems. With every item purchased 1% of revenue benefits this cause, so with every purchase you make, you are helping our environment too! 

  • 2) Reduce Agricultural Impact

    By sourcing locally in Kentucky we can monitor agricultural output more effectively. By working with farmers who use organic practices we can reduce the demand of synthetic fertilizers that are major greenhouse gas emitters. Organic practices also help maintain soil health allowing our soils to be carbon sinks as opposed to carbon faucets. We work with Kentucky processors and farmers to ensure our quality and environmental controls are monitored and continuously improved upon to reduce impact. 

  • 3) Thoughtful Packaging

    Packaging is one of the biggest hurdles in reducing our impact. While we recognize there is more we can do, we have initiated improvements by using glass instead of plastic packaging. In additition, by sourcing packaging locally instead of overseas we are able to reduce the oceanic freight impact experienced from sourcing abroad.  

  • 4) Offset Carbon Intensive Energy Demand

    We manufacture Hemp Mellow in a facility that harnesses the power of Mother Earth. By using Geothermal energy and LED lighting we are able to reduce our reliance on coal-powered energy and offset our carbon emissions.

  • 5) Minimize Transportation Impact

    By sourcing our primary raw materials within a 100 mile radius of our manufacturing facilities we can reduce the demand on fossil fuels and infrastructure improvements.

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