Glass jar with metal lid

Hemp Mellow Reduces Plastic Waste With Unique Tin Lids

This month, Hemp Mellow launched a new extra-large bottle of their popular capsules with a unique feature: a tin lid in place of the typical single-use plastic lid commonly used throughout the industry.

“We’re excited about the new lids, which are our latest step towards our goal of creating a more sustainable form of CBD product,” said Hemp Mellow’s co-founder, Annie Rouse.

Glass jar with metal lid

Hemp Mellow capsules already ship in brown glass bottles. Both the lids and the bottles are recyclable in most communities, and the dark glass protects the products inside from deterioration due to light.

“Adding a metal lid to our production line presented unique challenges,” recalled Rouse, “but our team rose to the occasion.”

OP Innovates, the parent company of Hemp Mellow, creates cannabinoid products like Hemp Mellow in a facility that meets some of the strictest possible national safety standards. That means each new or changed component of the manufacturing process must be rigorously protected from contamination and repeatedly tested for purity.

The OP Innovates factory is also partly powered by geothermal energy, an important alternative especially in Kentucky where power comes predominantly from fossil fuels.

“We’ll be exploring more alternatives to single-use plastic as we continue to develop and expand our product line,” said Rouse.

In addition to the lids, the new size features 90 Hemp Mellow capsules per bottle, with 25mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids in each capsule. Hemp Mellow products use Naturia Plus™, a patent-pending technology developed by OP Innovates that helps consumers feel faster, stronger and longer-lasting effects from each capsule. For the millions of Americans who regularly take CBD, Hemp Mellow represents a more economical and more sustainable option.

In order to further offset the environmental impact of their rapidly growing business, Hemp Mellow joined 1% for the Planet this past summer. They’ve pledged to donate 1% of annual sales towards the movement, which funds nonprofits that benefit the earth. In particular, Hemp Mellow hopes to earmark funds for causes that protect the ocean and reduce water pollution.

“Creating greener, more sustainable products is a continuous process,” noted Rouse. “We’ll always be looking for the next step we can take to do better.”

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