Delta 8 vs CBD

Hemp Mellow vs. Delta 8

You might be wondering how Hemp Mellow compares to Delta 8, since Delta 8 products are suddenly everywhere.

You might have seen Delta 8 for sale online, or even in a smoke shop or other store near you. This is a new type of product that’s made from hemp, but it’s very unlike other similar products. Using a wasteful and potentially unclean process, lab technicians make Delta 8 from raw CBD, potentially leaving harmful byproducts behind.

That’s a far cry from the clean, carefully controlled and sustainable process that creates Hemp Mellow. In the article below, we’ll compare CBD products in general, and Hemp Mellow specifically, versus Delta 8. By the end, we think you’ll agree that it’s a good idea to avoid this new class of products.

Where does Delta 8 come from?

Delta 8 resulted from there being too much raw, low quality CBD extract on the market. Thanks to consumers learning they should buy higher quality CBD, these lower quality raw extracts didn’t have many buyers until someone realized they could be converted into Delta 8.

Delta 8 vs CBD

Delta 8 is actually Delta-8-THC, a close relative of Delta-9-THC, the main active compound in psychoactive cannabis (which we usually call just THC). It’s true, as a result, that Delta 8 causes a mind-altering state that’s similar to high-THC cannabis. It’s generally described as being much weaker than the regular form. There’s some serious differences, however:

Unlike CBD or THC, there’s very little Delta 8 in nature. Hemp and cannabis contain tiny amounts, not enough to use to make any kind of product. So chemists take that low quality CBD extract and apply pressure and additional chemicals to convert it into Delta 8.

That’s enough to create questionable products, like the Delta 8 oils and gummies available now. Creating smokable Delta 8 pre-rolls or Delta 8 “flower” requires an additional, potentially even more dangerous step. The Delta 8 extract is mixed with an additional adhesive, then sprayed onto industrial hemp. This adds the potential risk of inhaling adhesive substances to the mix.

Delta 8 Vs. Hemp Mellow

After reading the section above, you’ll have a good idea about some of the issues with Delta 8. To make it even clearer why you should choose our products, here’s a quick comparison of Hemp Mellow vs. Delta 8 and what makes us better:

CBD stress relief capsules
  • Hemp Mellow is clean - We use hemp grown in the cleanest Kentucky soil, without the use of harmful pesticides or other chemicals which could harm consumers. We make the final products in a GMP-certified lab, making sure no impurities make their way onto you.
  • Hemp Mellow is legal - We follow all laws and regulations for CBD products, which were legalized in 2018. Hemp Mellow has the maximum, legally allowable amount of THC in a hemp-derived product. There’s no loopholes here.
  • Our CBD is easier to absorb - Naturia Plus™, our patent-pending delivery system, means Hemp Mellow is specially formulated to be more bioavailable. It’s easier to absorb than cheaply made cannabinoid products of all types, from CBD to Delta 8. So you’ll feel more relaxed with us.
  • Every product is lab tested - We work with an impartial, third-party lab which batch-tests our products. You can count on a clean, pure, and strong dose of Hemp Mellow every time. Meanwhile, some Delta 8 products don’t even have ingredients lists, much less honest lab-tests. And the way technicians create Delta 8 could leave behind unusual chemical residues that most lab tests never show.
  • Hemp Mellow is more sustainable - Almost two-thirds of the material gets wasted when making Delta 8. Hemp Mellow is made using CO2 extraction, the cleanest extraction process available, in our state-of-the-art sustainable facility. We even give back to nonprofits that keep the oceans cleaner.

Hemp Mellow Is Here To Stay: A Safe, Natural Choice For Stress Relief

Delta 8 relies on an oversight in the hemp laws. Congress just didn’t intend people to use hemp to get intoxicated or stoned -- that’s a separate issue that they’re debating now.

While it’s likely that high-THC cannabis could become legal, it’s just as likely that Delta 8 will disappear. 11 states have already banned Delta 8 products, and Texas almost banned it in the spring of 2021. The Drug Enforcement Administration also made some recent changes to their policies which make it clear they’re looking into Delta 8.

While we understand why people might be curious about this new class of product, we don’t think it’s good to rely on something that could disappear anytime. And that’s even if you set aside the real concerns around safety.

Hemp Mellow is here to stay. Hemp Mellow contains only legally allowable amounts of THC, along with CBD and a full-spectrum of other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and other trace hemp compounds. Along with our special delivery system, Naturia Plus™, Hemp Mellow is designed to be the world’s most relaxing CBD.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD-rich products like Hemp Mellow are legal. Even more importantly, they have the full backing of the state and federal governments. With millions of people experiencing the wellness benefits of CBD each year, you can trust that we’re here to stay.

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