OP Innovates launches new brand to showcase Naturia Plus™

OP Innovates, a hemp formulations and manufacturing company dedicated to delivering the world's most effective cannabinoids launched a new brand under the name Hemp Mellow™ to showcase its new patent-pending organically bioavailable delivery system termed Naturia Plus™. This unique technology is currently undergoing clinical trials to prove the efficacy of the absorption rates into the blood stream. Anecdotal evidence and scientific literature supports Naturia Plus™ capabilities but further data collection is underway to scientifically prove efficacy. 



Hemp Mellow was created during product development stages to maximize ∆-9-THC levels to its highest legal hemp limits (0.3%) while coupling the cannabinoid with additionally beneficial cannabinoids like CBD, CBC and CBG, which combine together to create an entourage experience with ultimate relaxation effects. 

Once tested, a co-founder on the OP Innovates team started to take the formulations regularly to deal with high stress levels and cope with normal anxiety. He found the results to be startling - a mentally calming sensation - something that allowed his body and mind to relax. 

The result became a new brand called Hemp Mellow - a unique product available to take your mind away from the day to day noise. A supplement to support stress relief and provide you with the break you deserve. A healthy alternative to deal with normal anxiety. 


Hemp Mellow products are also uniquely formulated to contain all natural and organic ingredients. As opposed to traditional flow agents like magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide, Hemp Mellow dry capsules contain plant-derived flow agents like rice hull concentrate, organic tapioca starch, organic gum arabic, organic sunflower oil and organic agave fiber (fructan). And beyond hemp-derived full spectrum cannabinoids, the formulation includes organic US-grown hempseed oil for an added balanced nutritional benefit of Omegas 3-6-9. 


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