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With Naturia Plus™ we maximize the absorption of cannabinoids and terpenes into the blood stream, making Hemp Mellow products more effective and longer lasting.

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Naturia Plus™ biomimics the power of Mother Nature to enhance the delivery of cannabinoids and terpenes into the body.* Traditional fat-loving compounds like CBD, delta 9 THC, terpenes, and omegas are degraded in the liver before they are absorbed into the blood stream. This means the body only absorbs about 10% of what you ingest.

However, our team of experts have designed a unique, patented, organic process that harnesses the evolutionary pathway of Mother Nature. This means by using Naturia Plus (Naturia+) our cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed before they are degraded, making Naturia+ products more effective and longer lasting than any product on the market.*

Clinically validated in K9s, Naturia+ products absorb 2x better than traditional products in the market making Hemp Mellow products twice as good!

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