Beyond formulation, what makes Hemp Mellow even more effective is our unique patent-pending organically bioavailable delivery method termed Naturia Plus™. This means our cannabinoids and hempseed oil's nutritionally rich omega 3-6-9 are absorbed more readily in the body, making your supplementation more effective and longer lasting.
Sustainably Manufactured
At Hemp Mellow we understand the need to not only create effective products but do so in a way protects the people and planet. Our products are manufactured by our parent company, OP Innovates, by a team of cannabis, hemp and pharmaceutical professionals in a cGMP and SQF certified facility that runs on geothermal energy.
We make it easy for you with just one 25mg full spectrum capsule that fulfills all your relaxation needs.
If you're just getting started try our 4-count resealable sample packet. Or go all in with our our 15-count or 30-count bottle. We know you'll love it.